June 29rd All Events

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June 29th, 2008 (June 29 2008)EventThomas Beatie, the world s first pregnant man, gives birth to a daughter.
June 29th, 2008 (June 29 2008)DeathDon S. Davis, American actor and artist (born in 1942)
June 29th, 2007 (June 29 2007)EventTwo car bombs are found in the heart of London at Picadilly Circus.
June 29th, 2007 (June 29 2007)EventiPhone is released in the U.S.
June 29th, 2007 (June 29 2007)DeathJoel Siegel, American film critic (born in 1943)
June 29th, 2007 (June 29 2007)DeathEdward Yang, Taiwanese film director (born in 1947)
June 29th, 2006 (June 29 2006)EventHamdan v. Rumsfeld: The U.S. Supreme Court rules that President George W. Bush s plan to try Guantanamo Bay detainees in military tribunals violates U.S. and international law.George W. Bush Quotes
June 29th, 2006 (June 29 2006)DeathRandy Walker, American football coach (born in 1954)
June 29th, 2006 (June 29 2006)DeathFabian Bielinsky, Argentinean film director (born in 1959)
June 29th, 2006 (June 29 2006)DeathLloyd Richards, American actor and director (born in 1919)
June 29th, 2004 (June 29 2004)DeathBernard Babior, American biochemist (born in 1935)
June 29th, 2003 (June 29 2003)DeathKatharine Hepburn, American actress (born in 1907)Katharine Hepburn Quotes
June 29th, 2002 (June 29 2002)EventNaval clashes between South Korea and North Korea lead to the death of six South Korean sailors and sinking of a North Korean vessel.
June 29th, 2002 (June 29 2002)EventU.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, serves as Acting President for two and a half hours, while President George W. Bush undergoes a colonoscopy procedure.George W. Bush Quotes
June 29th, 2002 (June 29 2002)DeathRosemary Clooney, American singer and actress (born in 1928)
June 29th, 2002 (June 29 2002)DeathOle-Johan Dahl, Norwegian computer scientist (born in 1931)
June 29th, 2002 (June 29 2002)DeathFrancois Perier, French actor (born in 1919)
June 29th, 2000 (June 29 2000)DeathVittorio Gassman, Italian actor (born in 1922)
June 29th, 1999 (June 29 1999)DeathAllan Carr, American film producer (born in 1937)
June 29th, 1998 (June 29 1998)DeathHorst Jankowski, German pianist (born in 1936)
June 29th, 1997 (June 29 1997)DeathWilliam Hickey, American actor (born in 1927)
June 29th, 1995 (June 29 1995)EventSpace Shuttle program: STS-71 Mission (Atlantis docks with the Russian space station Mir for the first time.)
June 29th, 1995 (June 29 1995)EventThe Sampoong Department Store collapses in the Seocho-gu district of Seoul, South Korea, killing 501 and injuring 937.
June 29th, 1995 (June 29 1995)DeathLana Turner, American actress (born in 1921)
June 29th, 1994 (June 29 1994)DeathKurt Eichhorn, German conductor (born in 1908)
June 29th, 1993 (June 29 1993)BirthGeorge Sampson, English dancer
June 29th, 1993 (June 29 1993)DeathHector Lavoe, Puerto Rican singer (born in 1946)
June 29th, 1992 (June 29 1992)BirthAdam G. Sevani, American actor
June 29th, 1992 (June 29 1992)DeathMohammed Boudiaf, President of Algeria (born in 1919)
June 29th, 1990 (June 29 1990)DeathIrving Wallace, American author and screenwriter (born in 1916)
June 29th, 1988 (June 29 1988)BirthEver Banega, Argentine footballer
June 29th, 1987 (June 29 1987)BirthYasuka Saitou, Japanese actor
June 29th, 1986 (June 29 1986)BirthAustin Drage, English singer
June 29th, 1986 (June 29 1986)BirthIya Villania, Filipina actress
June 29th, 1985 (June 29 1985)BirthQuintin Demps, American football player
June 29th, 1984 (June 29 1984)BirthHan Ji-hye, South Korean actress and model
June 29th, 1984 (June 29 1984)BirthChristopher Egan, Australian actor
June 29th, 1984 (June 29 1984)BirthDerek Lee Rock, American drummer
June 29th, 1983 (June 29 1983)BirthAundrea Fimbres, American singer
June 29th, 1982 (June 29 1982)DeathPierre Balmain, French fashion designer (born in 1914)
June 29th, 1982 (June 29 1982)DeathHenry King, American film director (born in 1886)
June 29th, 1981 (June 29 1981)BirthJoe Johnson, American basketball player
June 29th, 1981 (June 29 1981)BirthNicolas Vuyovich, Argentine racing driver (died in 2005)
June 29th, 1980 (June 29 1980)BirthKatherine Jenkins, Welsh soprano
June 29th, 1980 (June 29 1980)BirthMel Peachey, British television personality
June 29th, 1980 (June 29 1980)BirthMartin Truex Jr, American race car driver
June 29th, 1979 (June 29 1979)BirthAbs Breen, English singer
June 29th, 1979 (June 29 1979)BirthMarleen Veldhuis, Dutch swimmer
June 29th, 1979 (June 29 1979)BirthMatthew Bode, Australian Rules football player
June 29th, 1979 (June 29 1979)BirthBar?s Akarsu, Turkish singer and actor (died in 2007)
June 29th, 1979 (June 29 1979)DeathLowell George, American country-rock singer (born in 1945)
June 29th, 1978 (June 29 1978)BirthSam Farrar, American bassist
June 29th, 1978 (June 29 1978)BirthNicole Scherzinger, American singer and actress
June 29th, 1978 (June 29 1978)DeathBob Crane, American actor (born in 1928)
June 29th, 1977 (June 29 1977)BirthOleg Korenfeld, Russian-American poet
June 29th, 1977 (June 29 1977)BirthZuleikha Robinson, English actress
June 29th, 1977 (June 29 1977)DeathMagda Lupescu, consort of King Carol II of Romania (born in 1895)
June 29th, 1976 (June 29 1976)EventThe Seychelles become independent from the United Kingdom.
June 29th, 1975 (June 29 1975)DeathTim Buckley, American singer-songwriter (born in 1947)
June 29th, 1974 (June 29 1974)EventIsabel Peron is sworn in as the first female President of Argentina. Her husband President Juan Peron had delegated responsibility due to weak health and died two days later.
June 29th, 1973 (June 29 1973)BirthGeorge Hincapie, American cyclist
June 29th, 1973 (June 29 1973)DeathGerman Valdes, Mexican actor (born in 1915)
June 29th, 1972 (June 29 1972)EventThe U.S. Supreme Court rules the death penalty could constitute "cruel and unusual punishment".
June 29th, 1972 (June 29 1972)BirthSamantha Smith, American activist (died in 1985)
June 29th, 1972 (June 29 1972)BirthNawal Al Zoghbi, Lebanese singer
June 29th, 1971 (June 29 1971)BirthKaitlyn Ashley, American pornographic actress
June 29th, 1971 (June 29 1971)BirthMatthew Good, Canadian musician
June 29th, 1971 (June 29 1971)BirthAnthony Hamilton, English snooker player
June 29th, 1970 (June 29 1970)BirthMike Vallely, American skateboarder
June 29th, 1970 (June 29 1970)BirthEmily Skinner, American actress and singer
June 29th, 1969 (June 29 1969)BirthClaude Bechard, Canadian politician
June 29th, 1969 (June 29 1969)BirthIlan Mitchell-Smith, American actor
June 29th, 1969 (June 29 1969)BirthToru Hashimoto, Japanese politician
June 29th, 1969 (June 29 1969)DeathShorty Long, American singer (born in 1940)
June 29th, 1969 (June 29 1969)DeathMoise Tshombe, Congolese politician (born in 1919)
June 29th, 1968 (June 29 1968)BirthTheoren Fleury, Canadian hockey player
June 29th, 1967 (June 29 1967)BirthJeff Burton, American racing driver
June 29th, 1967 (June 29 1967)BirthMurray Foster, Canadian musician
June 29th, 1967 (June 29 1967)BirthMelora Hardin, American actress, singer
June 29th, 1967 (June 29 1967)DeathJayne Mansfield, American actress (born in 1933)
June 29th, 1967 (June 29 1967)DeathPrimo Carnera, Italian boxer (born in 1906)
June 29th, 1966 (June 29 1966)BirthJohn Part, Canadian darts player
June 29th, 1965 (June 29 1965)BirthTripp Eisen, American musician
June 29th, 1964 (June 29 1964)BirthStedman Pearson, British singer
June 29th, 1964 (June 29 1964)DeathEric Dolphy, American jazz musician (born in 1928)Eric Dolphy Quotes
June 29th, 1963 (June 29 1963)BirthKhalid El-Masri, German-born suspected terrorist
June 29th, 1963 (June 29 1963)BirthAnne-Sophie Mutter, German violinist
June 29th, 1962 (June 29 1962)BirthAmanda Donohoe, British actress
June 29th, 1962 (June 29 1962)BirthGeorge Zamka, American astronaut
June 29th, 1961 (June 29 1961)BirthKimberlin Brown, American actress
June 29th, 1961 (June 29 1961)BirthGreg Hetson, American punk-rock guitarist
June 29th, 1961 (June 29 1961)BirthSharon Lawrence, American actress
June 29th, 1960 (June 29 1960)DeathFrank Patrick, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (born in 1885)
June 29th, 1958 (June 29 1958)BirthRosa Mota, Portuguese athlete
June 29th, 1958 (June 29 1958)BirthJeff Coopwood, American actor, broadcaster and singer
June 29th, 1958 (June 29 1958)DeathCharles Spencelayh, English painter (born in 1865)
June 29th, 1957 (June 29 1957)BirthMaria Conchita Alonso, Cuban-Venezuelan singer and actress
June 29th, 1957 (June 29 1957)BirthRobert Forster, Australian musician
June 29th, 1956 (June 29 1956)EventThe Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 is signed, officially creating the United States Interstate Highway System.
June 29th, 1956 (June 29 1956)BirthPedro Guerrero, baseball player
June 29th, 1956 (June 29 1956)BirthPedro Santana Lopes, Prime Minister of Portugal
June 29th, 1955 (June 29 1955)BirthTerence M. O Sullivan, American activist
June 29th, 1955 (June 29 1955)BirthCharles J. Precourt, American astronaut
June 29th, 1954 (June 29 1954)BirthRick Honeycutt, American baseball player
June 29th, 1953 (June 29 1953)BirthColin Hay, Scottish-Australian guitarist and singer
June 29th, 1952 (June 29 1952)BirthJoe Johnson, English snooker player
June 29th, 1951 (June 29 1951)BirthDon Rosa, American ilustrator
June 29th, 1949 (June 29 1949)BirthJoan Clos i Matheu, Spanish politician
June 29th, 1949 (June 29 1949)BirthAnn Veneman, American politician
June 29th, 1948 (June 29 1948)BirthIan Paice, English drummer
June 29th, 1947 (June 29 1947)BirthMichael Carter, British actor
June 29th, 1947 (June 29 1947)BirthRichard Lewis, American comedian
June 29th, 1946 (June 29 1946)BirthEgon von Furstenberg, Swiss fashion designer (died in 2004)
June 29th, 1946 (June 29 1946)BirthErnesto Perez Balladares, Panamanian politician
June 29th, 1945 (June 29 1945)EventCarpathian Ruthenia was annexed by Soviet Union.
June 29th, 1945 (June 29 1945)BirthChandrika Kumaratunga, President of Sri Lanka
June 29th, 1944 (June 29 1944)BirthGary Busey, American actor
June 29th, 1944 (June 29 1944)BirthSean O Malley, American Roman Catholic bishop
June 29th, 1943 (June 29 1943)BirthLittle Eva, American singer (died in 2003)
June 29th, 1942 (June 29 1942)BirthMike Willesee, Australian television presenter
June 29th, 1941 (June 29 1941)BirthJohn Boccabella, American baseball player
June 29th, 1941 (June 29 1941)BirthStokely Carmichael, Trinidadian-American activist (died in 1998)
June 29th, 1941 (June 29 1941)DeathIgnacy Jan Paderewski, Polish pianist and composer (born in 1860)
June 29th, 1940 (June 29 1940)BirthVyacheslav Artyomov, Russian composer
June 29th, 1940 (June 29 1940)DeathPaul Klee, Swiss artist (born in 1879)
June 29th, 1939 (June 29 1939)BirthAlan Connolly, Australian cricketer
June 29th, 1939 (June 29 1939)BirthLo Lieh, Hong Kong martial arts actor (died in 2002) Martial Quotes
June 29th, 1937 (June 29 1937)EventJoseph-Armand Bombardier of Canada receives patent for sprocket and track traction system used in snow vehicles.
June 29th, 1936 (June 29 1936)BirthHarmon Killebrew, American baseball player
June 29th, 1935 (June 29 1935)BirthKatsuya Nomura, Japanese baseball player and manager
June 29th, 1935 (June 29 1935)DeathJack O Neill, American baseball player (born in 1873)
June 29th, 1934 (June 29 1934)BirthCorey Allen, American filmmaker and actor
June 29th, 1933 (June 29 1933)BirthBob Shaw, baseball player
June 29th, 1933 (June 29 1933)BirthJohn Bradshaw, American theologian
June 29th, 1933 (June 29 1933)DeathRoscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, American actor (born in 1887)
June 29th, 1932 (June 29 1932)BirthBrian Hutton, Baron Hutton, British politician
June 29th, 1931 (June 29 1931)BirthEd Gilbert, American actor (died in 1999)
June 29th, 1931 (June 29 1931)DeathNeree Beauchemin, Quebec poet (born in 1850)
June 29th, 1930 (June 29 1930)BirthViola Leger, Acadian-Canadian actress
June 29th, 1930 (June 29 1930)BirthRobert Evans, American film producer Evans Quotes
June 29th, 1929 (June 29 1929)BirthPat Crawford Brown, American actress
June 29th, 1929 (June 29 1929)BirthOriana Fallaci, Italian journalist and author (died in 2006)
June 29th, 1928 (June 29 1928)BirthIan Bannen, Scottish actor (died in 1999)
June 29th, 1927 (June 29 1927)EventFirst test of Wallace Turnbull s Controllable pitch propeller.
June 29th, 1926 (June 29 1926)EventArthur Meighen returns to office as Prime Minister of Canada.
June 29th, 1926 (June 29 1926)BirthJaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait (died in 2006)
June 29th, 1925 (June 29 1925)EventCanada House opens in London, England.
June 29th, 1925 (June 29 1925)BirthGiorgio Napolitano, Italian politician
June 29th, 1925 (June 29 1925)BirthHale Smith, American composer and editor
June 29th, 1925 (June 29 1925)BirthCara Williams, American actress
June 29th, 1924 (June 29 1924)BirthFlo Sandon s, Italian singer (died in 2006)
June 29th, 1924 (June 29 1924)BirthEzra Laderman, American composer
June 29th, 1923 (June 29 1923)BirthChou Wen-chung, Chinese-American composer
June 29th, 1922 (June 29 1922)EventFrance grants 1 km? at Vimy Ridge "freely, and for all time, to the Government of Canada, the free use of the land exempt from all taxes."
June 29th, 1922 (June 29 1922)BirthVasko Popa, Yugoslavian poet (died in 1991)
June 29th, 1921 (June 29 1921)BirthFrederic Dard, French writer (died in 2000)
June 29th, 1921 (June 29 1921)DeathOtto Seeck German classical historian (born in 1850)
June 29th, 1920 (June 29 1920)BirthRay Harryhausen, American filmmaker
June 29th, 1919 (June 29 1919)BirthSlim Pickens, American actor (died in 1983)
June 29th, 1919 (June 29 1919)BirthLloyd Richards, American director (died in 2006)
June 29th, 1919 (June 29 1919)DeathJose Gregorio Hernandez Venezuelan physician (born in 1864)
June 29th, 1916 (June 29 1916)EventSir Roger Casement, Irish Nationalist and British diplomat is sentenced to death for his part in the Easter Rising.
June 29th, 1915 (June 29 1915)BirthRuth Warrick, American actress (died in 2005)
June 29th, 1914 (June 29 1914)EventJina Guseva attempts to assassinate Grigori Rasputin at his home town in Siberia.
June 29th, 1914 (June 29 1914)BirthRafael Kubelik, Czech conductor (died in 1996)
June 29th, 1914 (June 29 1914)BirthChristos Papakyriakopoulos, Greek mathematician (died in 1976)
June 29th, 1912 (June 29 1912)BirthJohn Toland, American historian (died in 2004)
June 29th, 1912 (June 29 1912)BirthEmile Peynaud, French oenologist (died in 2004)
June 29th, 1911 (June 29 1911)BirthPrince Bernhard of the Netherlands (died in 2004)
June 29th, 1911 (June 29 1911)BirthBernard Herrmann, American film composer (died in 1975)
June 29th, 1910 (June 29 1910)BirthFrank Loesser, American composer (died in 1969)
June 29th, 1910 (June 29 1910)BirthBurgess Whitehead, American baseball player (died in 1993)
June 29th, 1908 (June 29 1908)BirthLeroy Anderson, American composer (died in 1975)
June 29th, 1906 (June 29 1906)BirthIvan Chernyakhovsky, Russian general (died in 1945)
June 29th, 1903 (June 29 1903)BirthAlan Blumlein, English electronics engineer (died in 1942)
June 29th, 1901 (June 29 1901)BirthNelson Eddy, American singer and actor (died in 1967)
June 29th, 1900 (June 29 1900)BirthAntoine de Saint-Exupery, French writer (died in 1944)
June 29th, 1900 (June 29 1900)DeathIvan Mikheevich Pervushin, Russian mathematician (born in 1900)
June 29th, 1897 (June 29 1897)BirthFulgence Charpentier, French-Canadian journalist (died in 2001)
June 29th, 1895 (June 29 1895)EventDoukhobors burn their weapons as a protest against conscription by the Tsarist Russian government.
June 29th, 1895 (June 29 1895)DeathThomas Henry Huxley, English scientist (born in 1825)Thomas Henry Huxley Quotes
June 29th, 1893 (June 29 1893)BirthAarre Merikanto, Finnish composer (died in 1958)
June 29th, 1891 (June 29 1891)EventStreet railway in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, commences operation.
June 29th, 1889 (June 29 1889)BirthWillie MacFarlane, Scottish golfer (died in 1961)
June 29th, 1888 (June 29 1888)EventFirst (known) recording of classical music made, Handel s Israel in Egypt on wax cylinder.
June 29th, 1886 (June 29 1886)BirthRobert Schuman, French politician (died in 1963)
June 29th, 1881 (June 29 1881)BirthHarry Frazee, American baseball team owner (died in 1929)
June 29th, 1881 (June 29 1881)BirthCurt Sachs, German musicologist (died in 1959)
June 29th, 1880 (June 29 1880)EventFrance annexes Tahiti.
June 29th, 1880 (June 29 1880)BirthLudwig Beck, German general (died in 1944)
June 29th, 1875 (June 29 1875)DeathEmperor Ferdinand I of Austria (born in 1793)
June 29th, 1874 (June 29 1874)EventGreek politician Charilaos Trikoupis publishes a manifesto in the Athens daily Kairoi entitled "Who s to Blame?" in which he lays out his complaints against King George. He is elected Prime Minister of Greece the next year.
June 29th, 1873 (June 29 1873)DeathMichael Madhusudan Dutt, Bengali poet (born in 1824)
June 29th, 1868 (June 29 1868)BirthGeorge Ellery Hale, American astronomer (died in 1938)
June 29th, 1866 (June 29 1866)BirthMykhailo Hrushevsky, Ukrainian statesman (died in 1934)
June 29th, 1865 (June 29 1865)BirthShigechiyo Izumi, Japanese supercentenarian (died in 1986)
June 29th, 1864 (June 29 1864)EventNinety-nine people are killed in Canada s worst railway disaster near St-Hilaire, Quebec.
June 29th, 1861 (June 29 1861)BirthWilliam Mayo, American physician (died in 1939)
June 29th, 1861 (June 29 1861)DeathElizabeth Barrett Browning, English poet (born in 1806)Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quotes
June 29th, 1858 (June 29 1858)BirthGeorge Washington Goethals, American army engineer (died in 1928)George Washington Quotes
June 29th, 1855 (June 29 1855)DeathJohn Gorrie, American scientist (born in 1802)
June 29th, 1852 (June 29 1852)DeathHenry Clay, U.S. Senator (born in 1777)Henry Clay Quotes
June 29th, 1850 (June 29 1850)EventCoal is discovered on Vancouver Island.
June 29th, 1850 (June 29 1850)EventAutocephaly Officially Granted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople to The Church of Greece.
June 29th, 1849 (June 29 1849)BirthJohn Hunn, American businessman (died in 1926)
June 29th, 1803 (June 29 1803)BirthJohn Newton Brown, American publisher (died in 1868)John Newton Quotes
June 29th, 1798 (June 29 1798)BirthGiacomo Leopardi, Italian poet (died in 1837)
June 29th, 1786 (June 29 1786)EventAlexander Macdonell and over five hundred Roman Catholic highlanders leave Scotland to settle in Glengarry County, Ontario.
June 29th, 1764 (June 29 1764)DeathRalph Allen, English businessman and politician (born in 1693)
June 29th, 1749 (June 29 1749)EventNew Governor, Charles de la Raliere Des Herbiers, arrives at Isle Royale (Cape Breton Island).
June 29th, 1744 (June 29 1744)DeathAndre Campra, French composer (born in 1660)
June 29th, 1725 (June 29 1725)DeathArai Hakuseki, Japanese writer and politician (born in 1657)
June 29th, 1659 (June 29 1659)EventThe Russians, led by prince Trubetskoy are defeated by the Ukrainian armies of Ivan Vyhovsky in the Battle of Konotop.
June 29th, 1644 (June 29 1644)EventCharles I of England defeats a Parliamentarian detachment at the Battle of Cropredy Bridge, the last battle won by an English King on English soil.
June 29th, 1613 (June 29 1613)EventThe Globe Theatre in London, England burns to the ground.
June 29th, 1596 (June 29 1596)BirthEmperor Go-Mizunoo of Japan (died in 1680)
June 29th, 1534 (June 29 1534)EventJacques Cartier makes the European discovery of Prince Edward Island.
June 29th, 1517 (June 29 1517)BirthRembert Dodoens, Flemish physician (died in 1585)
June 29th, 1509 (June 29 1509)DeathMargaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII of England (born in 1443)
June 29th, 1482 (June 29 1482)BirthMaria of Aragon, queen of Portugal (died in 1517)
June 29th, 1397 (June 29 1397)BirthJohn II of Aragon (died in 1479)
June 29th, 1315 (June 29 1315)DeathRamon Llull, Spanish philosopher (born in 1235) Philo Quotes
June 29th, 1252 (June 29 1252)DeathKing Abel of Denmark (born in 1218)
June 29th, 1194 (June 29 1194)EventSverre is crowned King of Norway.
June 29th, 1149 (June 29 1149)EventRaymond of Antioch is defeated and killed at the Battle of Inab by Nur ad-Din.
June 29th, 1059 (June 29 1059)DeathBernard II, Duke of Saxony
June 29th, 0512 (June 29 0512)EventA solar eclipse is recorded by a monastic chronicler in Ireland.

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